Sunday, 30 September 2012

Twelve butterflies

This is an order from my sister.
Every year she surprises her husband with a different concept on his birthday.
This year she came with a concept of 12 for the year 2012. :P
So she asked me to make 12 message cards.
 All the cards and butterflies are hand cut. I didn’t have a butterfly punch.
So did a trace of the butterfly on different handmade papers and cut the same.

 Also her husband does bit of sketching. So she wanted to frame those sketches.
Luckily I got a wooden textured handmade paper.
 So I made four frames as per the sketching measurements.

Hope she likes them.

Happy Crafting!!!
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Desk Decors

Few days back, I was trying to clean my craft cupboard and I found so much of quilling strips scrap.
Right at that moment, stopped my cleaning and started making one butterfly using small pieces of pink n white strips.
I saw few more pink n white strips so made another butterfly to make a pair.

I didn’t feel like stopping there, found few brown strips as well. So made two cups.

I was sure that I will lose them while cleaning (in progress) so stuck them onto the handmade paper.

Now I have them stuck at my desk in Office. So I named them Desk Decors J

By the way I did finish my cupboard cleaning post all that intermittent crafting :P

Happy Crafting!!
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Old Memories

Two days back,I was searching for some notebook.While searching I found two old things.
One is an old photo frame which I bought in London.Second one is the photo album of my in laws.

I thought why not I change the look of the photoframe.But I didn’t want to do too much of work on it.
So here is what I have done.

One of my simple quilling.Very cute memory for my in-laws so just put two birds and two hearts ;)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pink n Blue

Here is another PURPLERED creations

This is an order from one of my friend.
He wanted to gift his father on his birthday a personalized gift which has two family photos  decorated with framed quilling.

I took these pics before getting it framed with photos.


I used few blue crystals to form the petals. I wanted to use just two colours Pink and Blue.

I was asked not to include the photos.So here this is final product with complete design.

Entering into Paper flowers challenge by UnstampaBelles.
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Happy Quilling.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Happy Teacher's Day

I rarely make cards unless until something inspires me to do one. This time a cute little 4yrs old girl, my friend's daughter Kiran has inspired me to make one CAS card. 

The letters are hand written and cut manually.I intentionally didn't want to put neatly written letters just to give a kiddish look. I used Yellow for flowers, Blue for the pot filled with water and Green for the grass.

 I will be gifting this card to her to present it to her favorite teacher on Teacher's day.Hope she likes it.

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The Special Teacher challenge by Hands to Hearts
The Colour Challenge but Craft Creations -Yellow Blue and Green
Bright colours challenge for Crafting for All seasons.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I know it has been 15days since I posted my new creations and reason is I am having loads n loads of work at office. But the best part is I am learning lots of things at my work place. 
Of course it did increase my craving for crafts as well J .
From a long time I have been thinking to try some quillography.This thinking started after I checked out Yulia’s work. Very very inspiring and amazing work done by her.You should check out Yulia Brodskaya’s work.

It was there is my bucket list to try quillography for quite sometime but I was missing the real push to start one.

That’s when Pritesh came up with her quillography challenge which was at the right time for me. Thanks Pritesh!!! It actually helped me to come up with something I really wanted to do. So here comes my work(sorry about my photography skills L)
There is a reason behind choosing the text as ‘BE HAPPY’.It is to remind myself to always ‘be happy’ with all the blessings that God is showering on me and my family.

‘BE HAPPY’ is now placed my bedroom J

Entering into Pritesh’s challenge of Quillography. The size of the work is 29X41(excluding the frame)

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Happy Quilling!!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Magic box!!

Another quick post...
If you remember my previous post Curls kusudama , this is the continuation story of that.
So ..I showed the kusudama to my husband with all excitement.This is what he says 'Are you going to send just this small ball???'
Phewwwww!! But you know what, his comment helped me to try something new for the first time.To add on,that night,I came to know that my colleague's travel got postponed by one more day and leaving on the following day evening.
Yipee.. so I had few more hours to make something more specia.I was happy to make something more because my manager is more than a friend though worked together for a short period.

That night within 4hours, I made this magic box.It is 12cm X 8.5cm size box

Luckily I had one small carton

So I made my first ever exploding box though simple. (Please bear with me as is it a heavy post)
This is the lid. I decorated it with a bunch of quilled roses
There are orange flowers on the outer side of walls.All the quilled flowers including roses were made out of 130gsm paper.I manually cut the paper into 5mm strips and made this.
 Inside,I decorated with the craft punch flowers along with hand written messages.

 In the center of the box,I placed the kusudama on top of a mini 'Happy Birthday' mug.You might not be able to see the mug clearly due to my poor photography skills :(..sorry
I used the same 3 colors of the kusudama to make the box as well.Though very short time, I was very much excited with the outcome.I placed the gift box on the table and slept that night and in the morning, my husband says 'Haaa... this looks better..'..Finally ..huh :)

Hope my manager opens the box without holding the walls ;)

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snehal's challenge of making any type of box
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TheInspired Challenge #34 for colors
Anything goes with a twist by 'For the Love of Crafting'
'Freinship challenge by 'Hands to Hearts'

Friday, 27 July 2012

Colorful Curls..

It has been a long time since I made a kusudama and two days back I got a wonderful opportunity to make one.
This is very special as I made this for my manager who is in US.My manager is getting retired on August 1st. Yes... she will turn 65 years in the month of September.Very sweet lady and it was wonderful working with her.

I had just one day to make something because my colleague who was travelling to US was leaving in just two days. But I really wanted to give her something special ....something in handmade...something made by me.So finally this what I have made for her - an Origami Cuboctahedron.

It is made of 3 different colour sheets of 130 gsm. I wanted to use bright colours to give that Indian flavor.
I used 12 square papers(8X8cm) to make this.Here is the tutorial to make origami cuboctahedron

Hope she likes it!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Anniversary gift

Here is another request from my friend.He wanted to gift something special for his In-laws on their special wedding anniversary at the age of 60yrs.
My friend gave their photo and I had the complete freedom to design the frame.
Here is what I have designed

I always wanted to make these quilled flowers but never tried before.Finally this frame has given me that opputunity.My friend Kavya has written the message.


Hope my friend's In-laws like their gift..Happy Wedding anniversary Aunty n Uncle!!!

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Yipee!!Lucky winner!!!

For the first time in my life, I became the lucky winner of quilling challenge from CraftyCard gallery blog and today I recieved the gift from very generous Jennifer.
I was deseperately waiting to recieve the gift so that I can post this on my blog
And the gift was Quilling made easy kit from Quilled creations
I was so amazed looking at the gift.
Thanks so much Jennifer. Looking forward to be part of your challenges more.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Be Mine

This is an order from my colleague.He wanted to gift something special to his fiance.
This is what we made for him.
 To make the gift more personalized, I asked my colleague to sign the bottom heart with the date of his engagement. The top heart has the name of his fiance

Hope his fiance liked his gift.We wish them all good things in life.
Thanks for stopping by. I would love to see your comments.
Please do mail us @ PURPLE RED creations in case you want to present something like this, personalised gift for your loved ones.

Entering this into City Crafter Challenge-Make a gift 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fotos & Frames

This is an order from one of my colleague to make photo frames for his family  photos.
We tried to match the background of the photo with the design on the frames.
Entering this into Bearly Mine Challenge for flowers

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blue and white

This handmade frame was made when I had recently been to my mom's place few days ago. Actually one of the glass photo frames which were placed on the table fell down due to wind and broke L
My mom was very upset as it had a very good photograph placed in it.
I thought why not I make one.
So took an old carton box and made a photo frame from it.

The blue handmade paper has given more beauty to the photograph.
My mom was very happy as it is unbreakable
Entering into
'Anything Goes' challenge by Kavitha at 'For the Love of Crafting'
'Monochrome' challenge by Truly Madly Craft
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Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Quilled Origami

This is a quick post 

I gifted one of my friend an origami kusudama.
Now it sits as a decorative piece at my friend's desk at her workplace.
But I was missing that kususdama so made one for myself.
This time I added the flavor of quilling as well

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Two Little Birds

Recently when I opened my craft box, I found few left over spirals from my previous quilling project. Didn't feel like leaving those quilled spirals lifeless..Suddenly I got this idea to make a pink heart. Till date I never tried this type of heart in quilling.
Later thought why not I add few letters. So filled this heart with LOVE J

I still felt something is missing. Then I introduced these two cute little birds loving each other.

Finally I felt its complete with two little love birds with pink heart.

My cousin actually liked this card..He wants to gift it to his girlfriend but feeling shy to ask me. ;)
Thanks for dropping by. I would be happy to see your wonderful comments if you like my work.
Happy crafting!!!