Sunday, 27 May 2012

Two Little Birds

Recently when I opened my craft box, I found few left over spirals from my previous quilling project. Didn't feel like leaving those quilled spirals lifeless..Suddenly I got this idea to make a pink heart. Till date I never tried this type of heart in quilling.
Later thought why not I add few letters. So filled this heart with LOVE J

I still felt something is missing. Then I introduced these two cute little birds loving each other.

Finally I felt its complete with two little love birds with pink heart.

My cousin actually liked this card..He wants to gift it to his girlfriend but feeling shy to ask me. ;)
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Happy crafting!!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Mother's Day Gift

This is my first framed quilling.
I made this for my mom as a Mother's day gift!!

Recently I came to my mom's place to stay for a week just to take rest,eat n sleep.
I am just enjoying the peaceful stay with my mom.Felt like making something special for her.

After looking at Ann's post, made these birds.
This is the first time, I tried these birds i.e, with bit of detailed feathers.

I wanted to try some different type of pattern for flowers so tried this..
Each flower is made of three petals.. The centre piece is made with white tight rolls.
I think this is the smallest roll I can ever make.I used 3mm length strip to make the centre roll.
As I always say,it was fun making this framed quilling.

So here is the Mother bird and its baby bird..
My mother was very much excited looking at me quilling these birds!!
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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Quilled cup!!

Recently I found new love towards 3D quilling. I was actually inspired by this post .So finally tried this quilled cup.
Initially I thought it might not take much time to do this cup , but  came into reality only after I  started this project :-). But it was fun making this cup.
This cup is made with 80% tear drops and 15%spirals and 5% tight circles.
There are lots of lessons learnt on assembling the quilled patterns while making this cup.
I used a glass tumbler as a mould to make this cup

Planning to make the plate and the spoon as well.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Simply Quilling

These days due to my ill health, I was not supposed to strain myself by doing crafts.
Its an order from my husband and MIL… L
Sitting idle at home during medical leave is so boring. My hands were not able to stay idle..
So somehow managed to do some simple quilling designs on two handmade photo frames.
I used to close my bed room door while quilling so that my MIL doesn't notice me.J
I found out one thing. Its more fun  when you hide and do something you love.

Here are  the two photo frames

My cousin wanted two photo frames to gift his (girl)friends ;)
Somehow managed to finish the frames to send them with my MIL to Trivandrum, the place where he stays.