About Me

I am Sujana Sarath.  I am crazy about crafts.. I love making,learning,buying,selling all handmade products.
I started with glass painting as a hobby in 2009. Hobby classes helped me to find the other side of me.
I never knew that I had some interest towards crafts.
I work as a software proffessional in an IT firm. I love my job but still I love to make crafts whenever I get sometime.

Today Crafting became my passion. Along with my friend I started a small business in which we sell personalised gifts to the loved ones.. We named our creations as PURPLE RED creations.
If you want to buy any of the products displayed in the blog please feel free to mail me.

Lot more to come!! Fingers Crossed

Thank You and Stay healthy!!!


  1. pls add a google frnd connect (from add a gadget) so that we can follow u ;)

    1. Hi Neha,
      You are the first one to comment in my blog. I am so excited. Thank You so much for visiting!!
      I will add the google frnd connet!!

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