Sunday, 30 September 2012

Twelve butterflies

This is an order from my sister.
Every year she surprises her husband with a different concept on his birthday.
This year she came with a concept of 12 for the year 2012. :P
So she asked me to make 12 message cards.
 All the cards and butterflies are hand cut. I didn’t have a butterfly punch.
So did a trace of the butterfly on different handmade papers and cut the same.

 Also her husband does bit of sketching. So she wanted to frame those sketches.
Luckily I got a wooden textured handmade paper.
 So I made four frames as per the sketching measurements.

Hope she likes them.

Happy Crafting!!!
Thanks for dropping by..Would love to see your comments.


  1. Hi,

    I'm writing from The New Indian Express, Chennai.

    I'm working on a feature article on quilling and how it has progressed from a hobby art to a career option. I would like to interview you for the article. Do let me know at the earliest, if we can take this forward.

    Do revert at the earliest, if we can take this forward.


    Reshma Iqbal
    The New Indian Express

    1. Hi Reshma,
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