Friday, 18 May 2012

Mother's Day Gift

This is my first framed quilling.
I made this for my mom as a Mother's day gift!!

Recently I came to my mom's place to stay for a week just to take rest,eat n sleep.
I am just enjoying the peaceful stay with my mom.Felt like making something special for her.

After looking at Ann's post, made these birds.
This is the first time, I tried these birds i.e, with bit of detailed feathers.

I wanted to try some different type of pattern for flowers so tried this..
Each flower is made of three petals.. The centre piece is made with white tight rolls.
I think this is the smallest roll I can ever make.I used 3mm length strip to make the centre roll.
As I always say,it was fun making this framed quilling.

So here is the Mother bird and its baby bird..
My mother was very much excited looking at me quilling these birds!!
Thanks for dropping by!! Please do comment if you like my work!!!


  1. Such beautiful birds, really adorable and such a lovely mother's day gift . I think you have done the back ground painting as well and it looks lovely.

  2. Such sweet birds and a lovely gift for your mom!

  3. Beautiful birds... Beautiful design

  4. OMGoodness, now THAT'S a quilled card! VERY creative! I participated in Jennifer's quilled challenge. YOU WIN! Hahahaha Fabulous crad, your birds are stunning!!! Well done!

  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments

  6. What a beautiful card! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    New follower!

  7. I am very much impressed with your crafts work they r really wonderful...ur ideas r OSM

  8. akkaaaa....realllyyyy amazingggg n suprised to see u r creativityy....n waitingg for u r upcomingg creativity

  9. Beautiful dakka :) bt i dint even know abt this till now:(

  10. Such adorable gift! No wonder your mother liked it so much!

    Happy Quilling!