Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Simply Quilling

These days due to my ill health, I was not supposed to strain myself by doing crafts.
Its an order from my husband and MIL… L
Sitting idle at home during medical leave is so boring. My hands were not able to stay idle..
So somehow managed to do some simple quilling designs on two handmade photo frames.
I used to close my bed room door while quilling so that my MIL doesn't notice me.J
I found out one thing. Its more fun  when you hide and do something you love.

Here are  the two photo frames

My cousin wanted two photo frames to gift his (girl)friends ;)
Somehow managed to finish the frames to send them with my MIL to Trivandrum, the place where he stays.


  1. Hi Sujana ... Simple yet beautiful quilling ... Nice work ... Will follow once you add the google friend connect ... :)

    1. Thanks Suchitra!!
      tried to add google friend connect..looks like I missed some step for google connect.Will check :)

  2. I completely know what you mean - I wouldn't be able to NOT create anything. I constantly have to be doing something creatively. I've never had to sneak at it before, but I'm sure it makes it just a little more exciting!

    Wonderful quilling :) I'd love to see you at Tuesday Alchemy: http://tuesdayalchemy.blogspot.com for our weekly challenge. Of course, you can sneak in a project or wait until you are better to join us!

    Lots of joy,

    1. Hey Corrinne,
      ThankYou!! I would love to join you at Tuesday Alchemy!!
      Will try to participant in the weekly challenges sooooon!!

      Happy Crafting!!

  3. Hello Sujana!
    I've visited both your blogs already and I'm so happy to meet another quiller such as yourself. Keep on quilling no matter what! So happy for you :)

    Do let me know how I can follow your blog! ;)

    Do get well soon dear ;)


    1. Hey Lin,
      Thank You so much for visiting my blog. Happy to see your comments on my blog!!
      I am still figuring out how to add this google frnd connect so that others can follow my blog. Should be done with it soon.

      Happy quilling:)

  4. Thank you so much for your participation, if you could become a member of the blog it will be an actual participation.

    Thank you so much once again for the lovely comment.