Thursday, 30 August 2012

Desk Decors

Few days back, I was trying to clean my craft cupboard and I found so much of quilling strips scrap.
Right at that moment, stopped my cleaning and started making one butterfly using small pieces of pink n white strips.
I saw few more pink n white strips so made another butterfly to make a pair.

I didn’t feel like stopping there, found few brown strips as well. So made two cups.

I was sure that I will lose them while cleaning (in progress) so stuck them onto the handmade paper.

Now I have them stuck at my desk in Office. So I named them Desk Decors J

By the way I did finish my cupboard cleaning post all that intermittent crafting :P

Happy Crafting!!
Thanks for stopping by.Would be happy to see your comments.


  1. The coffee with steam is superb and how cheerful your desk would be looking now!

  2. Very creative indeed.

  3. Beautiful!
    You have a beautiful blog.
    Regards from a new followed :D