Thursday, 26 April 2012

Glass painting

I used to go for weekend glass painting classes.. These hobby classes truly brought out the other side of me. I never knew that I had this much interest towards crafts.
Seriously, you should start with a hobby. Its always good to have a hobby. You will surely love it..
Here are few of my glass paintings. Most of them were already gifted to my friends.

This is the painting was I gifted to my husband before our marriage. He was actually cribbing that he didn’t have a girlfriend. So I gifted him this painting telling that the girl in the painting was his girlfriend… The fun part is, later I became his girlfriend and now his wife J.. Interesting right!!

This painting is something which I love the most… I don’t know the reason..I feel fairy is very beautiful and love her wings a lot…

Glass that case any painting relaxes your mind and body. It increases your patience's power.

Happy Painting!!!


  1. Love the glass paintings... You are a professional..

  2. :)..Thanks Gayathri.. I love them too!!

  3. I like how neat your glass painting outlines are. I have a tough time with the thick flow of teh tube of shaky hands. well done. Natasha

    1. Hey Natasha,
      Thanks for dropping by!!One tip is make a cone using any of the plastic sheet and then fill it with outliner.

  4. I have never seen such a neat glass painting. Your skills are just perfect for glass painting. I always wanted to try it ..but as of now I am just in love with paper quilling.. Thanx for inspiring.