Thursday, 26 April 2012

Handmade photo frames..

This is something which I started recently… few months back.. I loved handmade products..
One day I saw handmade photo at my colleague’s and I wanted to make one deseperately.
Somehow managed to make one,two,three and many….

 My friend and neighbor wanted to make few frames to keep her son’s pics.. so she learnt and made few
 Now we both started a small business.Neighbors in our apartments come with their kids photos and we make the photo frames for them. We did keep a stall at our apartment’s carnival and sold few frames.. we named our creatins as PURPLERED creations.. soon you can find our website

We make customized photoframes with different colours,sizes,shapes and work.
Customers come with different requirements like colour of the frame should match with the wall colour, dress of the kid in the pic, bead work on photo

If you like any, want to gift special personalized gifts, please do order,I can customize the way you want and I am sure your loved ones will love them.. lot more models to be added soon


  1. Hey beautiful frames and their designs. Do you make those photo frames yourself? They are lovely...

    1. Hey Gayathri,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes,I made those frames..
      Thank You