Thursday, 26 April 2012

Origami and Kusudamas

Today I want to share few of the origami creations made by me.

Kusudama means ball of origami units. Origami is the art of folding paper.. Its Japan art.
I love to make origami kusudamas introduced by Tomoko fuse. The fun part is the assembling of all the units. I searched internet for instructions to make these models. Succeeded in finding few and making few. 

These pics were actually taken by my friend Deb whose hobby is photography. He photography skills brought the real beauty to my creations.

Those origami stars are made by me and added them as a special effect to kusudamas

Here is the Christmas tree which I made with the help of instructions from Tweety Atelier site. You get loads of instructions for different origami creations from his site..very inspiring!!
Lot more to learn and fold
Happy Folding!!!


  1. Wow... wonderful flowers.. you have a lot of patience buddy... Gorgeous work

  2. Phenomenal work with Origami! You just gave me many ideas for improving my quilling too :)

  3. Hi Pritesh,
    Thank You so much!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    Happy quilling